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Back up and Quite Down *UPDATE*

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Back up and quiet down. Thanks. (Updated)

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I wish I had a video to publish with this post, but the issue at hand must be discussed. I want to bring attention to something that I feel effects quite a few Washingtonians. Have any of you ever arrived to a Metro station in the early morning and had to deal with 2 to 3 newspaper distributors? I mean one is enough, but when you have multiple men (as I have yet to see a female distributor) giving out newspapers it just seems like overkill! Now, I understand that newspapers like The Washington Post and the Enquirer need to get their papers distributed, but when they are blocking commuters entrance to a station there’s a problem. Read the rest of this entry »

Reason for Leaving DC #2438

Capitol Sign

Today was a sign day. Of all the photos I took today, most consist of signs. They’re not in the photos intentionally though because today (9/12/09) was the National Taxpayers Rally here in DC. And what a rally it was! Never have I been in the presence of so many “conservative” Americans. Also, I’ve never seen so many people who were against Obama. It wasn’t shocking though. It’s America…land of the opinionated. Read the rest of this entry »



I was really happy to finally see some authentic Welsh culture. More pictures after the break. Read the rest of this entry »

Summer in DC has officially started.



Wanna know my indicator for finding out when summer has begun here in the District? The sound of fireworks going off.  Oh yeah, for some reason here in DC cops still aren’t cracking down on people using firecrackers here in the city. I mean, I know it isn’t illegal and I don’t really mind them much, but when your trying to go to sleep at 10 or 11 at night you don’t want to hear mini-bombs going off. But every year around the end of May and beginning of June (and sometimes even April) the fireworks go off! Read the rest of this entry »

Capitol Pride 09

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Stonewall Democrats

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