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And now she won’t go.

I’m telling you all Example is really shaping up to be quite the star. This song is absolutely dance inducing. I’m hoping this guy has a great year. And if you’re in the UK, make sure you pre-order this single on iTunes!


Back up and Quite Down *UPDATE*

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Will Dance for Focus

I don’t care how you present it to me. Wrap it up in something shiny or put it in a box! Doesn’t really matter to me. What I want here is something called focus. It’s a little thing I’ve been missing in my life; almost like calcium or something necessary like that. School is starting up in about two weeks and I haven’t started to adjust myself to academic time yet. I can tell you right now that adjusting back to school life is going to be pretty hard. Going to sleep early, waking up even earlier, coming straight home to do work, and the hardest for me, by far, is studying. I don’t do it. Not because I don’t want to but because I don’t know how to. But I’m sure I’m going to learn it the hard way this year! Oh I can’t wait! It’s going to be so stressful! Yay.

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To love Wintour or to not.

I had just been on a trip to Minnesota where I can only kindly describe most of the people that I saw as little houses-Ana Wintour

My god the nerve of the lady. I can’t believe she said that…wait, yes I can! But it’s okay. I still respect her. And I still love Vogue. If you haven’t watched her 60 Minutes interview yet then, please, watch it! It’s a nice chance to see some human in the lady we all think is a robot. A robot in Chanel! (Ooohh, I’m making that a song!)

Here’s the clip where she compares poor ol’ Minnesotans to houses:

Artist Highlight: Kamera

Gotta love the Swedes and their music! Kamera has a sound that’s a bit addictive. Gosh, they’re just great! One of my favorite songs by them is “I’m Gonna Be Your Lover”. Lovely, but I can’t find it on youtube! Darn it.

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Final Fantasy 13 and why I suck at RPG’s.

Let me just start out with this…I suck at RPGs or role-playing games. I don’t understand why but I’m just not. Maybe it’s because I don’t strategize! I just level up all my characters until they are all strong. I try to make them as equal as possible, but I feel as though when I reach a mega-boss in a game I’m going to lose.  Apparently it’s best to assign roles to your party or characters. I don’t do that. When any of my characters gain some experience points, I just rack up all their attributes. I like my characters well rounded I guess. Instead of assigning a character as a white mage or black mage, which are the magician roles, I just make them as strong as possible. I treat RPG’s like straight beat em’ up games.

I have Final Fantasy 12 here at home and I love it. Except, I haven’t played it in a few months. I don’t play because I don’t have time as a result of school and for the very fear of how my seemingly weak party is going to get me through the game. I ask myself this question all the time, “Should I restart the game and build up an awesome party or just chug on with my not so special party?”

I don’t know what to do! I wish I had a buddy who would help me as I played RPG’s.