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The season I fell in love with music…again.

Whether it’s because I’ve been stuck in the house for too long or spending too much time on the Internet, it’s both, my discovery of new music has increased. While much of the new music I have started to listen to has been around for quite some time I still feel all geeked out when I hear an awesome track. During my winter break I’ve rediscovered the power of Last.Fm. Spending just an hour on the website will introduce you to a numerous amount of artists; too much sometimes actually. But once you get through all the “Recommendations” that the site offers you’ll surely find something that stands from the rest. I haven’t had an experience like that yet so I’m still waiting. Read the rest of this entry »


The Mixed Tape

Woot! I love it when I find new blogs. I especially love when the blog belongs to someone I kinda sorta know! The name of the blog is The Mixed Tape and it’s based out of Chi-town baby! It’s run by a fellow photographer and blogger of mine named Ashley and her friend Brittany. YAY FRIENDS!!!! I’m loving it so far and I expect great things from this pair.

Check them out!!!!