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Back up and Quite Down *UPDATE*

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Take me there.

I haven’t written a new post in who knows how long. Much has happened between now and my last post. Has it been an interesting span of time? I would say no, but there have been a few really cool things that have happened. Actually, just yesterday I participated in a three school discussion on two Supreme Court cases. Sounds simple, huh? Not quite. This discussion wasn’t one between the three schools involved but with three Supreme Court Justices. Yes, you read that correctly…THREE….JUSTICES! Read the rest of this entry »

Summer, Summer Go Away

This is how my summer looked and felt.

This is how my summer looked and felt.

The summer season is ending very soon as I can feel it in my bones. Also, clothing stores are selling off their summer collections like no tomorrow. That’s when you know the next season is coming. Crazy how stores control how we sense the changing of the seasons. For example, if I walk into my local CVS Pharmacy or equivalent during the month of September I’m sure I will see decorations for Halloween. And depending on the store I may even see some Thanksgiving crap. Oh, I am not over exaggerating (alrighty, maybe I am a little) but it does happen! The same happens with back-to-school sales and promotions. All the big computer manufactures and retail shops start spewing their “Gifts for grads” and other campaigns like that by mid-July. I can’t stand it. Let summer be summer.

Be patient.

And now we start again.

Lately I’ve been pretty lazy about blogging. I’ve logged into Wp like, a million times already. But every time I log in I don’t write anything. So not cool. If there is one thing I need to get over is my chronic inconsistent blog posting. I’ll like three good posts one week and then the next week I’ll have nothing, you know? And it also seems like all of my page visits are only page visits.  And to make things worse (or less valuable), those views are from sites that just refresh themselves, showing dozens of blogs. I don’t want to sound like I’m  complaining here, mostly because it’s my fault, but it really makes me kind of sad.

The obvious solution is to write and to read and comment on other blogs. HA! That’s the other problem I have: I know how to solve my own problems but for some reason I don’t take my own advice. Kinda crazy huh?

And here’s a little random update: I’m really digging Celtic music. I mean, I’ve always had a soft spot for Flogging Molly, but recently (today) I’ve been listening to more Celtic rock on Pandora. My interest was sparked a bit after I attended the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on this past Thursday. I was pretty much stuck in the Wales-Cymru portion of the festival. HA. I’ll throw up some of those pictures onto Flickr soon.

Alright, goodnight Internet.

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If stress had a house…

It would be my brain. But I don’t think stress is the right word for me right now. Anxious, maybe? I can not really tell you. I can not even tell myself. I missed a day of school today by accident, of course. I don’t purposely miss school. I’m not that kind of kid. I actually felt guilty for not going to school. Even worse, later today I received a progress report from school for this quarter…so far, so bad. I four C’s, an A, and a B. Good in most peoples’ eyes but not mine. To me, these grades are just as bad as F’s. I have to make these up. Read the rest of this entry »

Tim Soar A/W 09

Finally! After all this time the Tim Soar autumn/winter 2009 collection is up on his site. I actually don’t know for how long but I just found out that it’s up. Here ya go:
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Things are looking up.

I guess.

By Tuesday, I’ll have all my photos hung up in the corner gallery. I can’t wait! This will be my first solo exhibition. The photos are just a few of my favorites and I can’t wait to show them off. I hope people like it!

For those in DC, the gallery is at the corner of 14th and Columbia road in Columbia Heights. Next to the 7 Eleven. Check it out my localites.