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Summer, Summer Go Away

This is how my summer looked and felt.

This is how my summer looked and felt.

The summer season is ending very soon as I can feel it in my bones. Also, clothing stores are selling off their summer collections like no tomorrow. That’s when you know the next season is coming. Crazy how stores control how we sense the changing of the seasons. For example, if I walk into my local CVS Pharmacy or equivalent during the month of September I’m sure I will see decorations for Halloween. And depending on the store I may even see some Thanksgiving crap. Oh, I am not over exaggerating (alrighty, maybe I am a little) but it does happen! The same happens with back-to-school sales and promotions. All the big computer manufactures and retail shops start spewing their “Gifts for grads” and other campaigns like that by mid-July. I can’t stand it. Let summer be summer.

Be patient.


Gucci S/S ’10

So wanna know whats very significant about the Summer of 2010? No, not the fact that I’m graduating from high school, but the fact that rich, fashionable guys around the world will be wearing Gucci’s new collezioni. Oh how I just envy those men. Not to0 much but just enough. Anyways! Let us feast our eyes on some amazing clothes!

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Damir Doma A/W ’09

I’ve never seen a runway show so interesting, and trust me, I’ve seen a few! I mean, it’s not much, but that’s exactly it. The music is very chill and subdued. The same can be said for the clothes. The runway is dark and the music is darker. Enjoy.

Click here to the see the show: (via Hommestar)

To see the whole collection in still form, click here .

Tim Soar A/W 09

Finally! After all this time the Tim Soar autumn/winter 2009 collection is up on his site. I actually don’t know for how long but I just found out that it’s up. Here ya go:
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Dior Homme and then some.

So for all this time I haven’t seen the Dior Hommes Autumn/Winter 09 collection. I can’t believe it! All this time I was trying to be some wannabe fashion blogger and I haven’t seen it. Until tonight.

If there is one fact that I believe and swear to, it is that Dior can make black flawless and fun no matter what. For the past two autumn/winter seasons, Dior has made black beautiful. I don’t know how Kris Van Assche did does it! I can’t wait till I grow taller and richer!
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And now I wait…

So today at London Fashion Week, all the menswear lines went out on the runway. Yay. But none of the designers have updated their collection on their sites. Nay. And the only place where these photos are located are on Sadly, I’m not “officially” in the fashion editorial business so I can’t post any pictures here. The London Fashion Week site has them, but their from Catwalking. Go figure.

So now I wait. Maybe by friday I should have Tim Soars A/W ’09 collection up. You can of course click here to see his collection on the London Fashion Week site. Also, I’m hoping to have Carolyn Masseys new collection up too. You can see hers here.

Check them both out!!!

Diesel Black Gold S/S ’09

Black GoldBlack Gold 2

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