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I want that belt. Thanks.

From Spring 2009 Collection (image via NY Times)

From Spring 2010 Collection (image via NY Times)

For as long as I have known about Etro I have adored their use of fun prints and expressive colors. Every season I’m mesmerized by the spectrum of swatches they have to use in order to create their pieces. Sometimes they may go overkill with all the damn paisley, but when they don’t, their shirts and pants are flawless. For this particular post I chose to focus in on the belt the model above is wearing. It may not look like much but I really, really like it. And I’m not that crazy about accessories. I don’t usually focus my attention on the “extras”, but I do understand their importance. Read the rest of this entry »



Goshers! I’m so happy! Project Runway is back and I’m crazy happy. I may have to force myself to watch every single episode, but I don’t I’ll have to much to stress about. Well, other than the fact that I’ll be starting school in a week. That may get in the way of my PR watching habits. Especially because I’ll be at American Uni. and my regular high school. Oh yeah…two schools.

The fear grows more and more every day I get closer to the first day of class. But I can’t wait! I’m so going to hang with all the college kids. Can you say poser much?

Gucci S/S ’10

So wanna know whats very significant about the Summer of 2010? No, not the fact that I’m graduating from high school, but the fact that rich, fashionable guys around the world will be wearing Gucci’s new collezioni. Oh how I just envy those men. Not to0 much but just enough. Anyways! Let us feast our eyes on some amazing clothes!

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To love Wintour or to not.

I had just been on a trip to Minnesota where I can only kindly describe most of the people that I saw as little houses-Ana Wintour

My god the nerve of the lady. I can’t believe she said that…wait, yes I can! But it’s okay. I still respect her. And I still love Vogue. If you haven’t watched her 60 Minutes interview yet then, please, watch it! It’s a nice chance to see some human in the lady we all think is a robot. A robot in Chanel! (Ooohh, I’m making that a song!)

Here’s the clip where she compares poor ol’ Minnesotans to houses:

Damir Doma A/W ’09

I’ve never seen a runway show so interesting, and trust me, I’ve seen a few! I mean, it’s not much, but that’s exactly it. The music is very chill and subdued. The same can be said for the clothes. The runway is dark and the music is darker. Enjoy.

Click here to the see the show: (via Hommestar)

To see the whole collection in still form, click here .

Tim Soar A/W 09

Finally! After all this time the Tim Soar autumn/winter 2009 collection is up on his site. I actually don’t know for how long but I just found out that it’s up. Here ya go:
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West End Girls!!!

iLove thrift shops!

I just love em’. Me and mother headed for one today and I’m so happy after leaving! These are the things I got:

  • A dark leaf print, long sleeve button-up shirt  from GUESS by Marciano= $14.95!!
  • Dark khaki pants from Gap
  • Pair of light wash blue jeans from Gap
  • Grayish button-up shirt from Gap

Okay, Gap overload! Read the rest of this entry »