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Take me there.

I haven’t written a new post in who knows how long. Much has happened between now and my last post. Has it been an interesting span of time? I would say no, but there have been a few really cool things that have happened. Actually, just yesterday I participated in a three school discussion on two Supreme Court cases. Sounds simple, huh? Not quite. This discussion wasn’t one between the three schools involved but with three Supreme Court Justices. Yes, you read that correctly…THREE….JUSTICES! Read the rest of this entry »



Goshers! I’m so happy! Project Runway is back and I’m crazy happy. I may have to force myself to watch every single episode, but I don’t I’ll have to much to stress about. Well, other than the fact that I’ll be starting school in a week. That may get in the way of my PR watching habits. Especially because I’ll be at American Uni. and my regular high school. Oh yeah…two schools.

The fear grows more and more every day I get closer to the first day of class. But I can’t wait! I’m so going to hang with all the college kids. Can you say poser much?

Will Dance for Focus

I don’t care how you present it to me. Wrap it up in something shiny or put it in a box! Doesn’t really matter to me. What I want here is something called focus. It’s a little thing I’ve been missing in my life; almost like calcium or something necessary like that. School is starting up in about two weeks and I haven’t started to adjust myself to academic time yet. I can tell you right now that adjusting back to school life is going to be pretty hard. Going to sleep early, waking up even earlier, coming straight home to do work, and the hardest for me, by far, is studying. I don’t do it. Not because I don’t want to but because I don’t know how to. But I’m sure I’m going to learn it the hard way this year! Oh I can’t wait! It’s going to be so stressful! Yay.

In other news, Read the rest of this entry »

If stress had a house…

It would be my brain. But I don’t think stress is the right word for me right now. Anxious, maybe? I can not really tell you. I can not even tell myself. I missed a day of school today by accident, of course. I don’t purposely miss school. I’m not that kind of kid. I actually felt guilty for not going to school. Even worse, later today I received a progress report from school for this quarter…so far, so bad. I four C’s, an A, and a B. Good in most peoples’ eyes but not mine. To me, these grades are just as bad as F’s. I have to make these up. Read the rest of this entry »

Creating a portfolio…

One of the scariest things that well, scare me about the college admission process is the portfolio. I have a ton of questions about “it”. The first one being: “What the heck do you put in one?” I understand it’s meant to show off your best work, but how should you come at it? Do you just stuff all your glitzy pics or should there be more thought behind it?

I’m asking this because I’m a junior in high school with no portfolio. Now some people may say that I still have time, but I don’t buy that one bit! I feel naked and unprofessional without one.

So what’s the first step in creating a portfolio? Taking pictures I guess. Any art school students out there with advice?