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The season I fell in love with music…again.

Whether it’s because I’ve been stuck in the house for too long or spending too much time on the Internet, it’s both, my discovery of new music has increased. While much of the new music I have started to listen to has been around for quite some time I still feel all geeked out when I hear an awesome track. During my winter break I’ve rediscovered the power of Last.Fm. Spending just an hour on the website will introduce you to a numerous amount of artists; too much sometimes actually. But once you get through all the “Recommendations” that the site offers you’ll surely find something that stands from the rest. I haven’t had an experience like that yet so I’m still waiting. Read the rest of this entry »


Capitol Pride 09

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To love Wintour or to not.

I had just been on a trip to Minnesota where I can only kindly describe most of the people that I saw as little houses-Ana Wintour

My god the nerve of the lady. I can’t believe she said that…wait, yes I can! But it’s okay. I still respect her. And I still love Vogue. If you haven’t watched her 60 Minutes interview yet then, please, watch it! It’s a nice chance to see some human in the lady we all think is a robot. A robot in Chanel! (Ooohh, I’m making that a song!)

Here’s the clip where she compares poor ol’ Minnesotans to houses:

Tim Soar A/W 09

Finally! After all this time the Tim Soar autumn/winter 2009 collection is up on his site. I actually don’t know for how long but I just found out that it’s up. Here ya go:
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Things are looking up.

I guess.

By Tuesday, I’ll have all my photos hung up in the corner gallery. I can’t wait! This will be my first solo exhibition. The photos are just a few of my favorites and I can’t wait to show them off. I hope people like it!

For those in DC, the gallery is at the corner of 14th and Columbia road in Columbia Heights. Next to the 7 Eleven. Check it out my localites.


Dior Homme and then some.

So for all this time I haven’t seen the Dior Hommes Autumn/Winter 09 collection. I can’t believe it! All this time I was trying to be some wannabe fashion blogger and I haven’t seen it. Until tonight.

If there is one fact that I believe and swear to, it is that Dior can make black flawless and fun no matter what. For the past two autumn/winter seasons, Dior has made black beautiful. I don’t know how Kris Van Assche did does it! I can’t wait till I grow taller and richer!
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And now I wait…

So today at London Fashion Week, all the menswear lines went out on the runway. Yay. But none of the designers have updated their collection on their sites. Nay. And the only place where these photos are located are on Sadly, I’m not “officially” in the fashion editorial business so I can’t post any pictures here. The London Fashion Week site has them, but their from Catwalking. Go figure.

So now I wait. Maybe by friday I should have Tim Soars A/W ’09 collection up. You can of course click here to see his collection on the London Fashion Week site. Also, I’m hoping to have Carolyn Masseys new collection up too. You can see hers here.

Check them both out!!!