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Times are a changing.

Couldn't be Saved

I haven’t posted anything for quite some time. I could blame school or myself, so I’ll just blame both. I really don’t know what to write at this very moment. I’m still in the process of figuring out what I want this blog to be used for. Perhaps a place for my photography? Or maybe about fashion and music? Whatever I do decide I need to figure out how to do it so that people can read and come back.

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I was really happy to finally see some authentic Welsh culture. More pictures after the break. Read the rest of this entry »


Hey everyone! Happy rainy Thursday if you’re in the Washington DC region. Grr rain!

Anyways, today is definitely one the happiest days of my life. And I’m not over reacting! Today I received an email from Heather Goss of DCist in response to an email that I sent her a few days ago. In the original email I asked if it would be possible to get a mention in the Arts Agenda section of the DCist blog and guess what, I got a mention! Here’s the little bit about me:

We love to hear about budding local photographers, like high school junior Joel Carela, who emailed us about his first solo show at the Latin American Youth Center’s Art + Media House on 14th and Columbia Streets NW. You can see his work at the gallery throughout May and find more online at his Flickr site. We expect to see him in DCist Exposed very soon. ( rest of article:

Now, I know this post may seem a bit egotistical but this is really awesome. Not only because I was mentioned, but also because I LOVE DCist. And I’m not just saying that to kiss up! I really love reading DCist. And if you haven’t checked them out.


May Day

Head Down, Flag Up

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A few things.

I haven’t been blogging as much as I usually do. I blame school…fer sure. To fill the void that’s been left by school work and laziness, I’ve compiled a list of all the things I wanted to post over the past week or two.

  • My first solo show has gone live: After about a months worth of waiting, my first solo show has gone up. I’m so happy right now. But I have one final thing to do before my show is complete-create an artist statement. Here’s where the show is on display: Make sure you go into street view and turn the image 180°.
  • Next stop…Stonewall Dems: So at my school we have a thing called Fellowship. All fellowship is is a time when all juniors get sent to non-profit organizations here in DC. It’s way cooler than I make it sound! Starting tomorrow, I’ll be interning at Stonewall Democrats. I can’t wait.


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Rugby and a Burrito.

PAC Rugby

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What I need to do now!

For the past few weeks or so I have been debating with myself on the topic of photography and my future. I’ve been asking myself: “Is this really what you want to do?”  And the answer has always been yes, but in varying levels of  enthusiasm and passion. I know it’s what I want to do but I’m not pleased with myself and my lack of passion towards actually taking photos. I haven’t really shot anything that I spent a lot of time on and subsequently been proud of. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t focused on what I know I can do now and only on what I want to get to. Maybe so, but I feel as though there is much more to my lack of confidence and enthusiasm.

Maybe if I were to stop looking for “inspiration'” and just shoot what’s already on my mind I could actually produce something worthwhile. I mean I have a camera and no school on weekends. Seems perfect huh? Not really. I always seem to get up on weekends lazy as ever and not artistically inspired! What am I to do?!

I need a muse or something!