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And now she won’t go.

I’m telling you all Example is really shaping up to be quite the star. This song is absolutely dance inducing. I’m hoping this guy has a great year. And if you’re in the UK, make sure you pre-order this single on iTunes!


Podcast Highlight: The Sound Culture

I admit that I am far behind on a few things. Music, movies, fashion and whatever else that requires you to be in the know is not my strong point. But I’m content. Everything is new to everyone at some point right?

Well, today I discovered a podcast that I quickly fell in love with. It’s been around for some time so this isn’t some cool, underground type of thing. If anything I’m not really promoting the show, but just praising it. The podcast is “The Sound Culture“. It’s podcast featuring some of the best world music in, well, the world! Take a listen and you’ll hear some reggae, hip-hop, and electronica infused with sounds from the far East. Either click on the link above or take a listen here at Odeo.

Oh yeah! If you visit their website you can download all your favorite tracks from the podcasts. Bonus!

Artist Highlight: Kamera

Gotta love the Swedes and their music! Kamera has a sound that’s a bit addictive. Gosh, they’re just great! One of my favorite songs by them is “I’m Gonna Be Your Lover”. Lovely, but I can’t find it on youtube! Darn it.

KameraThey Look like a bunch of Dior models! Read the rest of this entry »

Music Highlight III: Alexisonfire

Alexisonfire in bed!

Alexisonfire in bed! *Link goes to LastFm

Oh, Canada how I love thee. Your comedians are hilarious, your laws on gay marriage are totally ‘laxed and your Rock bands rock hard! I don’t why but Canada always gets it right when it comes to stuff like this! Must be because of the cold weather or something. I don’t know! Enough with all the “OMG I LOVE CANADA!!!” stuff, I don’t want another post like the Tiesto one. (Check it. I sound like some crazed fan!)

So the band that will be highlighted today is


They have this post-punk-screamo sound. Good stuff. Check out one of my fav songs by these guys:

*Note. The video above is not the official vid. Still totally wacky though!

Check ’em out

Artist Highlight II-Tiesto

Look at his right hand! Lift up your body and dance!!

Look at his right hand! "Lift up your body and dance!!"

As long as I can remember there have been two genres of music that I have lovedOne being rock music, the other being electronica. The word Electronica of course is an umbrella term for music made, well, electronically. A few subgenres of electronica are Techno, Sown-Tempo, and my personal favorite-Trance.

Trance according to Wikipedia. Wikipedia has a nice article on trance. It’s got the history of it and all. But this isn’t just about trance-it’s about a trance god. Hahaha. Well, the god part might be a bit much but this man can perform miracles of sound.

I’m talking about Tiesto. Or DJ Tiesto if you must.

Anyways, the first time I heard him was about three years ago. I can’t remember the first song I heard by him or how i found him, but I’m hooked for life. Like seriously! Maybe it was this song:

Can you feel the energy? All those people dancing like zombies! Excuse me for making it seem like he is the best dj in the world because I know he isn’t. There are other djs that are totally awesome like Armin Van Buren and ATB, but to me Tiesto is on top.

Check him out if you can!

/end bias.

Music Highlight:Park

I’m going to be starting up a new series on here. I’ll be showcasing some of my favorite bands! I’m going to keep the bands as non-mainstream as I can. Bands that get played on the radio don’t need as much exposure as less known bands. Though I’m sure that the bands I post here are going to be known.

The first band that I would like to highlight is Park. They hail from Springfield,Illinois.

Here they are:

(The picture goes to their page on their record label.) Links