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Back up and quiet down. Thanks. (Updated)

*Here’s the link to the post w/ video regarding this post:

I wish I had a video to publish with this post, but the issue at hand must be discussed. I want to bring attention to something that I feel effects quite a few Washingtonians. Have any of you ever arrived to a Metro station in the early morning and had to deal with 2 to 3 newspaper distributors? I mean one is enough, but when you have multiple men (as I have yet to see a female distributor) giving out newspapers it just seems like overkill! Now, I understand that newspapers like The Washington Post and the Enquirer need to get their papers distributed, but when they are blocking commuters entrance to a station there’s a problem.

I get off at Eastern Market once in a while in the morning and what I see scares me. The man who passes out the Enquirer seems to be pretty mild, but the Express guy and whoever else that he competes with (I haven’t seen the newspaper he represents) constantly are blocking the escalators. In addition to their blockage nature, they enjoy screaming such memorable quotes like: “Have a nice day!” or ” Hello ma’am. Have a nice day”.

I’m sure I’m overreacting here, but imagine the problems that could erupt from a crowded train entrance. Seeing how it is early in the morning and the majority of commuters are in possession of very hot drinks,there’s a chance that someone could suffer some bad burns. All I ask for is that the newspaper guys to back up a tad bit.


7 Comments on “Back up and quiet down. Thanks. (Updated)”

  1. epndra says:

    Well, there’s a female distributor by the Clarendon metro station; other than that, I’m not entirely too sure what having 3 men as opposed to 2 men, one woman passing out papers does.

    Also, I’ve never seen a distributor BLOCK the entrance to the metro stairs; I just like thinking of them as enthusiastic and as a day-brightener, seeing as, like you said, they scream “memorable quotes” like “HAVE A GREAT DAY!”.

    They are far more friendly/upbeat/wacky than they are annoying, that’s for sure.

  2. I’ve seen two different women distributing Express and Examiner at Medical Center, however, I’m usually at that station early enough that they’ve just arrived.

  3. Didi says:

    Come to Rosslyn. There’s a woman there passing out papers. She hollers at the top of her lungs GOOD MORNING – and it echoes down into the station. You can hear her from the bottom of the escalator and all the way out on to the sidewalk. It is my least favorite thing about my morning. The guys working the Vienna station are much nicer and quieter.

  4. brooke says:

    Those jerks! The nerve, telling everyone to “have a good morning” and all.

  5. convincemedc says:

    Intentions are probably good, but I’ve noticed the same thing – it’s like a competition erupts among the newspaper distributors. Maybe they are just trying to stay warm so early in the morning.

  6. jnna says:

    i love that guy at eastern market. i would always feel happy coming up that escalator in the morning because i knew he’d be there. god forbid we have a smidge of human interaction on our way to work. also- cmon- it’s not like they’re ever actually in the way.

  7. Quito says:

    Come on you guys! You cant believe I’m actually serious! LOL.

    I love the newspaper guys…they wake me up and remind me that I have to work.

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