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Take me there.

I haven’t written a new post in who knows how long. Much has happened between now and my last post. Has it been an interesting span of time? I would say no, but there have been a few really cool things that have happened. Actually, just yesterday I participated in a three school discussion on two Supreme Court cases. Sounds simple, huh? Not quite. This discussion wasn’t one between the three schools involved but with three Supreme Court Justices. Yes, you read that correctly…THREE….JUSTICES!

My high school, and along with two other schools, sat down and talked with the Justices Breyer, Kennedy, and former Justice O’Connor. We discussed the two cases Brown v. Board of Education and Edmondson v. Leesville. It was an interesting discussion not because of what we talked about, but how we talked about it. For one, the whole thing was one big commercial. The organization who supplied us with our “pocket Constitutions” made sure that we had them out. Oh yes, the whole thing was taped by the way. Also, my school bought everyone who was in the program school sweaters. It was amazing at how much of a show the whole thing was! Still, I got to shake the hands of two Justices and also hear one of them curse. (Rhymes with Breyers Ice Cream. :P)

All in all it was awesome. I also had the chance to talk about college with my principal. We talked about Columbia University which is his Alma mater and my first choice. i told him that I had an interview the past Saturday with an alumni. He grilled me on why I want to go there and also the story of how he chose that school over Stanford. He was accepted to both schools but chose to attend Columbia because he didn’t want to live in California anymore. It was quite a story and it really had me thinking for the rest of the day.

While on the topic of college, I would like to express the stress that school and the application process has brought unto me. I have yet to officially apply to a school which is freaking me out. I’ve been so focused on keeping on school that I haven’t finished my personal statement. For some reason, I can never sit down and really hash out the essays I’m suppose t do. I think it’s because I’m not being graded. I’ve been digging myself into a pit and at this point it’s really hard to get out. I need some help and focus.

What should I do?


2 Comments on “Take me there.”

  1. Ashley says:

    That is pretty awesome. Honestly, I don’t know much about politics or court cases, but to be able to discuss them with Supreme Court Justices would be so honorable (if that’s the right word) :]
    In my opinion, it’s good that you’re at least focused on one thing. Sure, you should try to work on your personal statement and applications whenever you get the chance, but don’t lose focus in school. Your pit probably isn’t as bad as you perceive it; you can climb out. Just breathe, relax, take your time, and let everything flow.
    If you fall into my current position (loss of focus,grades dropping, not studying,major stress,poor health), which I pray that you do not, then you’ll be really stressed. I have faith in you though. You’re not in too deep yet, and that is a good thing. All I have to say is MAINTAIN THE FOCUS! (which also happens to be a song by Test Icicles :P)

  2. Quito says:

    The whole thing was pretty chill aside from the people who worked there that shushed us every 5 seconds.

    UPDATE! I finished my personal statement and uploaded that to my common app and Columbia apps. I’m relieved about that!

    I’m sure I can just get a ladder and climb out of the “pit”, but it’s so easy to get lost when your already stressed. Oh wellz.

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