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Reason for Leaving DC #2438

Capitol Sign

Today was a sign day. Of all the photos I took today, most consist of signs. They’re not in the photos intentionally though because today (9/12/09) was the National Taxpayers Rally here in DC. And what a rally it was! Never have I been in the presence of so many “conservative” Americans. Also, I’ve never seen so many people who were against Obama. It wasn’t shocking though. It’s America…land of the opinionated.

When I made my way downtown my original plan wasn’t to go to this rally. I didn’t even know it was going on. All I wanted to do today was head to the National Gallery of Art and check out the Power of Art exhibit which everyone should check out before it closes. Sadly, I couldn’t take any pictures of the beautiful armor and such. Oh well, all in the name of preservation I guess. But before I made my way to the museum I just had to take pictures of what was going on at the rally.

At first I was a bit hesitant on getting close to too many of the attendants because they reminded me of those Town Hall meeting fanatics. But then I grew up and accepted the fact they too were Americans. Just a bit…crazier. So I continued to make my way in deeper and deeper into the action all the while taking photographs. By the time I got about maybe 5 or 6 yards from where the stage was I decided it was time to leave. I made my way as fast as the crowds would allow me. The exit route was littered with signs that read “patriotic” messages like: “Joe Wilson for President” and “Say No to Obamacare.” It was like running some freak house at the county fair. Spooky.

Finally I made it over to the National Gallery of Art after a not so fun walk. After giving up my bag to the bag check I made my way down stairs ( I was in the East Building). Having being forced to walk around the Mall (not physically of course) my energy level fell dramatically. I wanted to at least see the exhibit I came to see and run my butt over to California Tortilla, but Chinatown was way too far and I was way too tired. So I settled for museum food. It wasn’t bad in terms of taste, though there was a bit more to be wanted from that Panini I paid almost ten bucks for. Never again! And the Diet Coke? 2.30 for an 8 oz bottle. Hell no! Never again shall I fall into what is known as the Pit of Tourism Hell. So after that little meal I finally checked out Power of Art exhibit. It was wonderful.

And so I ended my day by running back to the East Building to get my backpack on account of the museum  closing. It was a nice run because I thought I was in Paris when I flew out of the West Building past the pyramids. That folks was my weekend.


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