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I want that belt. Thanks.

From Spring 2009 Collection (image via NY Times)

From Spring 2010 Collection (image via NY Times)

For as long as I have known about Etro I have adored their use of fun prints and expressive colors. Every season I’m mesmerized by the spectrum of swatches they have to use in order to create their pieces. Sometimes they may go overkill with all the damn paisley, but when they don’t, their shirts and pants are flawless. For this particular post I chose to focus in on the belt the model above is wearing. It may not look like much but I really, really like it. And I’m not that crazy about accessories. I don’t usually focus my attention on the “extras”, but I do understand their importance.

Accessories are needed to make what your wearing an outfit. They give your clothes more attitude and feeling. Why wear a simple black dress with no necklace or cuff when you can add a single pearl necklace. It makes all the difference. That’s why I chose this belt as the subject of this post. The color and the pattern on that one belt can make all the difference when paired with a pair of jeans. Just imagine: Your wearing a white T and pair of slim jeans. Boring right? Now add in this belt and BAM…instant spazz. Accessorizing is great for people who don’t like to wear “too much” meaning bright colors and prints. Just slap on necklace or a ring and you can own the sidewalks!

So next time you hit up any department store or wherever you shop, take a longer look at the  ties, belts, and even socks. It could change your life….actually, it would just change your wardrobe. You know what I mean though!


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  1. sohfia says:

    Maybe I just suck, but can you do a girl a favor? Will you explain to me how to do the little funky “Keep Reading” tab on your blog? I’ve been dying for something like this! You’d be an angel if you could help me out. Thanks a lot! You can contact me on wordpress or by e-mailing me at

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