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This was written on an Ab Lounge.

Because I didn’t want to go down to the dungeon that is my basement to use the internet, I am writimg this post from my iPod Touch. That may seem cool but I’m making so many mistakes on my side of the Internet it’s not even funny. It’s actually making me a bit angry.

But I’m doing it for a good reason other than laziness. Since the Tour de France started I’ve been getting up earlier, but I’ve also been going to sleep kind of late. Obviously, that eqaution doesn’t work. I whole heartedly blame the Internet. There, I said it. The Internet is evil and has me in it’s strong grip. No use of helping me now.

My fingers are tired so I’m going to stop here for the night. But if you want to follow me even more, like a stalker, follow me on Twitter. Just search Joelxx. That’s me. Good night.


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