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And now we start again.

Lately I’ve been pretty lazy about blogging. I’ve logged into Wp like, a million times already. But every time I log in I don’t write anything. So not cool. If there is one thing I need to get over is my chronic inconsistent blog posting. I’ll like three good posts one week and then the next week I’ll have nothing, you know? And it also seems like all of my page visits are only page visits.  And to make things worse (or less valuable), those views are from sites that just refresh themselves, showing dozens of blogs. I don’t want to sound like I’m  complaining here, mostly because it’s my fault, but it really makes me kind of sad.

The obvious solution is to write and to read and comment on other blogs. HA! That’s the other problem I have: I know how to solve my own problems but for some reason I don’t take my own advice. Kinda crazy huh?

And here’s a little random update: I’m really digging Celtic music. I mean, I’ve always had a soft spot for Flogging Molly, but recently (today) I’ve been listening to more Celtic rock on Pandora. My interest was sparked a bit after I attended the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on this past Thursday. I was pretty much stuck in the Wales-Cymru portion of the festival. HA. I’ll throw up some of those pictures onto Flickr soon.

Alright, goodnight Internet.

Listening to: The Pogues – Medley
via FoxyTunes


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