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Summer in DC has officially started.



Wanna know my indicator for finding out when summer has begun here in the District? The sound of fireworks going off.  Oh yeah, for some reason here in DC cops still aren’t cracking down on people using firecrackers here in the city. I mean, I know it isn’t illegal and I don’t really mind them much, but when your trying to go to sleep at 10 or 11 at night you don’t want to hear mini-bombs going off. But every year around the end of May and beginning of June (and sometimes even April) the fireworks go off!

Actually, just last night the cops pulled up into the neighborhood and gave a few warnings. I  must admit that when I heard the police give their warnings and what not I laughed. I found it funny for two reasons: the guys blowing off the mini-bombs (and these did actually sounded like fire crackers sprinkled with a bit of C4 dust) were caught for the first time in EVER and because the police were wasting their time. They really can’t stop these guys unless fire crackers are totally banned from the city. I don’t know what it would take the Council to illegalize the use of fire crackers. I’m guessing no one has died yet.

Viva la verano!


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