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Gucci S/S ’10

So wanna know whats very significant about the Summer of 2010? No, not the fact that I’m graduating from high school, but the fact that rich, fashionable guys around the world will be wearing Gucci’s new collezioni. Oh how I just envy those men. Not to0 much but just enough. Anyways! Let us feast our eyes on some amazing clothes!

Gucci1 Gucci2

So first off I must say that the dark and geometric patterned pants that the model on the left is wearing is one of my favorite pieces of the collection. I’m crazy for patterned pants…it’s daring. What I love most about these is that they’re dark and the pattern isn’t extreme. Well, it may be too much some but for me they’re just right. The sports jacket is really cool because it seems to incorporate both nylon and polyester, if I’m correct.

Gucci3 Gucci4

Now, my love for extravagant patterns isn’t exclusive to pants. These two shirts have great patterns but in my opinion, I see myself wearing the one on the left a bit more than the shirt with the triangular pattern. Still lovely though and the tie is really smart. I’ve never seen a tie with a border like that.

And just for some flair points, I present to you the cherry flavored suit:

Make sure to hit up the Gucci website and look through the whole collection; definitely not a waste of time.

Gucci S/S ’10


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