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AP English and stuff like that.

Next week is finals week. Hoop-ha-hooray! Don’t be fooled by that exclamation mark though, because I am not happy. Not only do I not feel ready, but once we are done with the tests we juniors have to go back to our non-profits. In the same week!

Oh yeah, prom is on the Friday of that week. Plus I have an ACLU meeting to go to…on Friday night. I mean come on! Whatever, I’ll deal with it.

But in good news, I’ll be taking AP English next year!! Hell yea baby. I can’t wait for college level reading and discussions. And my teacher for next year is hella awesome. He’s a hardcore kind of reader. You know the type that loves to read…a lot. That’s all good though because I feel like this may be the class I’ve been craving to take. No more kids who don’t appreciate great literature. Goshers.

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5 Comments on “AP English and stuff like that.”

  1. Ashley says:

    non-profits? mandatory service activities?
    Friday-make both happen
    AP English shall be interesting. This year, I barely read anything on time because I procrastinated. DON’T PROCRASTINATE!! We read probably 20+ books this year. Pray that when you take the exam that you don’t have to sit next to a person who you can’t stand (I know I screwed up my test).

  2. Quito says:

    It’s called Fellowship. Because we are school “focused” on public policy, we have to have experience at a non-profit.

    I think I have the green light from my date so yeah!!!

    Our teacher made that extra clear at the interest meeting. He said if you didn’t read what you were assigned, then don’t come to class. he sounded serious. But I should a lot of reading done. Seeing as how I take the train to and from home.


  3. Ashley says:

    I see, I see.
    woot for date! 😀
    That’s what my teacher did this year, but he didn’t put me out of his class after not reading 6 books on time haha. It might have been because I was not intimidated by him like everyone else. He’s even writing me a letter of recommendation-crazy.
    AP will be your life, full of wonderful inside jokes

  4. sohfia says:

    Eek AP English! I’m taking it this year too .. it will prove to be an interesting venture. Though I’m excited for great books and great discussion, I’m afraid for piles of essays and reading due in a prompt fashion!

    Well, good luck to you and good luck to myself as well .. If I’m even allowed to do that?

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