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If stress had a house…

It would be my brain. But I don’t think stress is the right word for me right now. Anxious, maybe? I can not really tell you. I can not even tell myself. I missed a day of school today by accident, of course. I don’t purposely miss school. I’m not that kind of kid. I actually felt guilty for not going to school. Even worse, later today I received a progress report from school for this quarter…so far, so bad. I four C’s, an A, and a B. Good in most peoples’ eyes but not mine. To me, these grades are just as bad as F’s. I have to make these up.

I don’t feel like I can though. I need more support. Emotionally and academically! In order to bring all my grades up I would devote all my time to school. That means no recreative internet usage, which means no blogging or anything like that. Also, I would have to stop going to the Art house everday in order to have more time for school work. All this feels and is impossible.

I’m so confused. Maybe stress is the word for me. What can I do? I’m already listening to some Ambient music as I type. Definitely helps.

Buenas noches, a la mundo.


One Comment on “If stress had a house…”

  1. lori78 says:

    Hi Joel,

    Definitely stress! You need to manage your time so you can study and still enjoy your other interests.

    When i’m stressed out, i pray…it’s a great help.

    God bless,


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