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West End Girls!!!

iLove thrift shops!

I just love em’. Me and mother headed for one today and I’m so happy after leaving! These are the things I got:

  • A dark leaf print, long sleeve button-up shirt  from GUESS by Marciano= $14.95!!
  • Dark khaki pants from Gap
  • Pair of light wash blue jeans from Gap
  • Grayish button-up shirt from Gap

Okay, Gap overload!

  • Khaki shorts from Old Navy
  • Brown cargo shorts from Old Navy
  • A cool orange shirt for the movie Juno. On the front it reads: “Paulie Bleaker is Totally Boss”.
  • Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find ThemJ.K. Rowling or “Newt Scamander”. Lol.
  • The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. I got the unabridged version. Upwards of a thousand pages! Wowser!

And of course…

2 bucks and 82 cents!

2 bucks and 82 cents!

Again, I love thrift shops!


8 Comments on “West End Girls!!!”

  1. Ashley says:

    All of this from the thrift store?! :O
    Amazing! 😀
    I put “West End Girls” on the first mixtape I ever made whoa
    I am quite jealous

  2. Quito says:

    Yea it’s quite a list isn’t it? I didn’t notice how much I was able to get once I made a list of it all.

    I need to make a mixtape….I’m jealous of that!

  3. Ashley says:

    don’t be jealous of the mixtape
    getting soo much stuff for cheap prices is much cooler because who doesn’t love cheapness?
    i’d make you one, but i’d have to be certain that you actually own a tape player haha
    the last person i made one for didn’t even know where his tape player was because no one uses them anymore

    • Quito says:

      A mixtape from you would be awesome! I’ll probably send you my info soon!

      I love cheap things, especially cheap food and clothes. Not cheap in quality of course!

  4. Ashley says:

    it might take me forever to make it with school and all, but it will be made! 😀
    oh yes, cheap things are so lovely. i always try to get free food more than anything haha

  5. Ashley says:

    it must be the feeling of guilt, like you’re preventing whatever establishment from making all their money. or that you’re just eating off of your friends who are probably just as hungry as you.
    or it’s just weird for you in some odd way lol

  6. Quito says:

    yea, its just weird for me. I mean its all about context! It just depends on whats happening.

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