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Socialist for a Day

Today I spent my day marching to the Pentagon with a bunch of anti-war protesters. The march started at 23rd and Constitution and moved on the Pentagon. It was crazy but I enjoyed every minute of it! I got to meet two enthusiastic photographers, one of which had the same camera as me. We were twins! But the funniest thing that happened to me today is when I finally figured out who I was marching with.

Right when the march started a fellow photographer asked me if I were a part of the ISO. I said no and that I’m a freelancer! I totally thought that he was asking me if I were a part of some journalist association. I later found out that ISO actually stands for the International Socialist Organization. Hahaha. I had been marching with these guys for probably 2 or 3 miles before I realized who they were.  But I didn’t care; they were so energetic! And anyways, it was all about ending the war.

I can’t wait for the next rally here in DC. They’re such a pleasure to shoot.


7 Comments on “Socialist for a Day”

  1. dcbarton says:

    Did they happen to mention how we go about ending the war when the enemy still wants us dead?

  2. Quito says:

    Nope. Sadly there was no actual war-ending planning taking place.

    Just a bunch of people who want to end the war peacefully. I mean maybe peacful tactics equals peace.

    If not…we’re all screwed.

  3. Cyaekn says:

    What did you do during the protest? Do you just stand around? Socialize?

    • Quito says:

      Well we marched a good distance. While we marched there was a lot of chanting and what not. Stuff like “No money for war, only for schools”.

      I also got to talk to two other photographers which was pretty cool.

  4. dcbarton says:

    I guess we’re all screwed then, if they really want to end the war, they should be protesting against the terrorists that started all of this, not against the US that is only acting in self-defense.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Nice march photos. I’m in the ISO, and you’re always welcome to march in our contingents! We’ll be back in DC next weekend for the National Equality March.

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