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Rugby and a Burrito.

PAC Rugby

Just recently I’ve been offered the opportunity to have my photos showcased on a sidewalk gallery here in DC. Of course I accepted that offer but now I have been given the task of picking about 20 photos to represent me. These photos are going to be up for a month in one of DCs most densely populated neighborhoods, Columbia Heights. Now, I know I’ve taken some fairly decent pictures but definitely nothing to have hanging up. So I took this as a reason for me to get on the ball with my photography.

So my brother told me about how a local rugby team was playing on a Saturday and I got crazy excited. This news became even better after finding out that it was going to be warm that day. I also realized that this day would be perfect to take some types of shots I’ve never taken before-sports! Perfect Saturday I though. So that Saturday came and I woke lazy and a bit angry. I asked my mother if I could go out the night before and she never gave me an answer so naturally I thought it was a no. Well it wasn’t. So I hurried and got ready and my way downtown.

I arrived at the park about ten minutes into the game and started to take pictures. I felt a bit weird taking pictures at first nut I quickly got over it when the action started up. Whoo! Gosh, rugby is intense and it’s only more intense when you watch in person. I mean, when your at risk of getting hit with the rugby ball or a rugby player, it just adds a whole new layer of awesomeness that you can’t get on TV. I can’t even count how many times I was almost hit by the ball!

The game then ended suddendly after about a hour. I became very sad. I wanted expected more. Maybe another half hour? Nope. So  I stood on the field with a blank face, just staring at all the players. I realized two things at this moment: 1. I was crazy hungry. and 2. I kinda like sports photography. Who knew? At this, I started for DuPont Circle and had myself a burrito at Baja Fresh. Lovely. Then I went to Books for America, DjHut, and Melody at the suggestion of the cashier at the DjHut. I also ran into my English teacher.

I love Saturdays.


2 Comments on “Rugby and a Burrito.”

  1. Ashley says:

    picture=awesome. you captured pretty much the best moment of the game (unless there was someone flying in the air like crazy lol).
    congrats on accepting the offer! you’re gonna be big one day for sure :]
    saturdays that include nice weather, great games, and visits to record stores have to be amazing

  2. Quito says:

    Thanks Ashers!

    Yea, thats my fav photo I took and there is actually a pic or two of a guy in the air! lol.

    Thanks again,the offer came out of nowhere but I totally accepted.

    My Saturday would have been better if I actually had the money to buy a CD or two. But it’s all good. I love atmosphere and window shopping.

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