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Creating a portfolio…

One of the scariest things that well, scare me about the college admission process is the portfolio. I have a ton of questions about “it”. The first one being: “What the heck do you put in one?” I understand it’s meant to show off your best work, but how should you come at it? Do you just stuff all your glitzy pics or should there be more thought behind it?

I’m asking this because I’m a junior in high school with no portfolio. Now some people may say that I still have time, but I don’t buy that one bit! I feel naked and unprofessional without one.

So what’s the first step in creating a portfolio? Taking pictures I guess. Any art school students out there with advice?


4 Comments on “Creating a portfolio…”

  1. Perhaps the best advice I could give you is get a Flickr account. Then as your photos accumulate and people look and review them, there will be certain tools you can use to see which of your photos are most liked. I think that would help you in the deciding process.

  2. Quito says:

    Oh I do have a Flickr account! I have my photostream at the the bottom of this page!Also, my avatar links to my account.

    Thanks still!

  3. dkzody says:

    Start collecting work samples and be able to describe the work, how you did it, any standards you used, and what you learned. Keep notes with the work. Just collect and then when you are ready to build the portfolio, start taking out what you don’t feel truly suits you. You should have 5 or so really good pieces that show what you can do and what you have learned.

  4. Quito says:

    Thank you for the advice. I love the idea of keeping notes on all the photos.

    A good should photographer be able to talk about his/her work with a lot of info to back him/her up.

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