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Music Highlight III: Alexisonfire

Alexisonfire in bed!

Alexisonfire in bed! *Link goes to LastFm

Oh, Canada how I love thee. Your comedians are hilarious, your laws on gay marriage are totally ‘laxed and your Rock bands rock hard! I don’t why but Canada always gets it right when it comes to stuff like this! Must be because of the cold weather or something. I don’t know! Enough with all the “OMG I LOVE CANADA!!!” stuff, I don’t want another post like the Tiesto one. (Check it. I sound like some crazed fan!)

So the band that will be highlighted today is


They have this post-punk-screamo sound. Good stuff. Check out one of my fav songs by these guys:

*Note. The video above is not the official vid. Still totally wacky though!

Check ’em out


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