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!/#)/@))( equals 1/30/09

Today’s post isn’t full of thought. It’s Friday and I’m happy school is over…for now. Hmmm. Oh! I really want to bring back a feature that I started when I started the blog. It’s called Artist Highlight. Here’s a link to the first one I did:


So, now I’ve just given myself an assignment! What else can I write about?

Ah, books! So now I’m reading The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells. So far it’s pretty chill seeing as I haven’t read much of it yet. Also, I’m finishing up Watchmen, which actually has a bit of a following at my school. Whenever I have it in my hand all I hear is, “Oh man is that Watchmen?! I’ma watch that movie son!” HAHAHA! Anyways, when I’m done with Watchmen I’m going to focus on The Invisible Man and move onto a rereading of a very special book to me. That book is called Damned Strong Love. The best review I can find of the book so far is here. My school librarian let me keep the schools his copy today! YAY!!!

I think that’s about it. For tonight at least. I’ll start looking for a band or musician to highlight. Oh! I may do models and photographers too! WOOT!


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