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Final Fantasy 13 and why I suck at RPG’s.

Let me just start out with this…I suck at RPGs or role-playing games. I don’t understand why but I’m just not. Maybe it’s because I don’t strategize! I just level up all my characters until they are all strong. I try to make them as equal as possible, but I feel as though when I reach a mega-boss in a game I’m going to lose.  Apparently it’s best to assign roles to your party or characters. I don’t do that. When any of my characters gain some experience points, I just rack up all their attributes. I like my characters well rounded I guess. Instead of assigning a character as a white mage or black mage, which are the magician roles, I just make them as strong as possible. I treat RPG’s like straight beat em’ up games.

I have Final Fantasy 12 here at home and I love it. Except, I haven’t played it in a few months. I don’t play because I don’t have time as a result of school and for the very fear of how my seemingly weak party is going to get me through the game. I ask myself this question all the time, “Should I restart the game and build up an awesome party or just chug on with my not so special party?”

I don’t know what to do! I wish I had a buddy who would help me as I played RPG’s.


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