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C.H.C.I. Public Policy Conference

Today I attended the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institutes Public Policy Conference. It was held at the convention center here in Washington DC. I was lucky enough to be picked (and a few others) from my school to attend this conference. My school was interestingly enough the only school from DC, but a host of kids came from neighboring Montgomery County of Maryland.

I was really happy to see other youth attending such an event, seeing how everyone else there were adults. But the adults that were there were truly inspiring!

I mean, there were politicians, CEOs, and media personalties everywhere! I felt so proud to be around so many smart and powerful Latinos and Latinas.

To be more specific about who was there, the following ( that I can remember) attended:

  • Luis Gutierrez- Representative of Illinois’s 4th District.

  • Anna Escobedo Cabral- US Treasurer

  • Joe Baca- Representative of California’s 43rd District

  • Joe Uva- CEO of Univision

  • Don Browne- President of Telemundo Group, Inc.

  • Janet Murguia- President and CEO of National Council of La Raza.

There were other important folks that were there, but these people really stood out to me because of their words.

I will be posting pictures of this event soon, but I hope that you will give the CHCI’s site a looky loo.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute


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