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His Answer Remains a Puzzle.

Oh Obama, I hope you answering questions like this doesn’t become a habit.

Couric: “But do you not give the surge any credit for reducing violence in Iraq?”

Obama: “No, no … of course I have. There is no doubt that the extraordinary work of our U.S. forces has contributed to a lessening of the violence. … So this, in no way, detracts from the great efforts of our young men and women in uniform. In fact, that’s one of the most striking things about visiting Iraq is to see how dedicated they are, what a great job they do.”

Couric: “But talking microcosmically, did the surge, the addition of 30,000….

…additional troops … help the situation in Iraq?”

Obama: “You’ve asked me three different times, and I have said repeatedly that there is no doubt that our troops helped to reduce violence. There’s no doubt.”

Couric: “But yet you’re saying … given what you know now, you still wouldn’t support it … so I’m just trying to understand this.”

Your going to blow up Katie’s little brain Barack! Enough. Just work out a real stance and answer to the surge and then redo the interview.


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