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I can’t type anymore today. Read this article. It scares me dearly.
Russia Missile Threat

I knew this was going to happen. I said it in World History class and I’ll say it again!

The Cold War never ended!


One Comment on “COLD WAR: THE SEQUEL!”

  1. Nicholas Alan Clayton says:

    Whatever. Of course Russia is going to escalate, we escalated first. Our plans to put a missile defense system to shoot down Russian nukes endangers their deterrent. I read (and blogged about) this article and it is totally one-sided. The provocative headline is one that could be easily used in Russia to say “Russia faces nuclear missile threat from NATO” because the ability for us to fire on them without (or with less) worry for retaliation amounts to the same thing as more Russian missiles pointed at us.

    I think Russia redeploying their missiles should be the expected response. We need to realize that countries react to the things we do.

    How would we feel if Russia was suddenly putting missile interceptors in Cuba or Venezuela? I bet you we’d react.

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