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Now In 3G!

So I wouldn’t be much of a honourary Apple fanboy if I didn’t write a post about the iPhone 3G.

Today is of course the official second coming of the iPhone. But this year I’m not as “WWWWWWWAAAAAAAHHH!!!” as I was last year. Why?

Because seriously nothing is new.


I said there’s nothing new. At least not in my eyes. I’m looking at the Features page for the new iPhone on the Apple website and all that I see that is different from the last generation iPhone is GPS.

GPS? Seriously? Thats nothing. I mean the App Store looks nice. But it just seems like Steve and Co. should’ve released something a bit more…I don’t know… BOOM!

I guess I just expected Apple to go over and beyond with this version of the iPhone. Maybe next year!


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