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So have you heard about the new sanctions against businesses and anyone tied to Iran’s nuclear enrichment program? No? Well here’s the article:US sanctions on Iran

Does the US government really think all this bullying is going to stop Iran? I mean they do have the right to nuclear enrichment, right?

Then I think the US government should back of a little. I mean come on, here in America we have nuclear plants all over the damn place. We are the last country that should be going around telling other nations to STOP!

But then again…it is America I’m talking about.



  1. Stefan Fobes says:

    Yes. Totally true. But the American public doesn’t care. Just as long as the beer and cheeseburgers keep flowing, everything will be “all right”.

    Have you ever had that nagging feeling that we are being subjected to more war propaganda, with the Iranian instant nukes, the so called impeccable intelligence that Iran is funding terrorism in Iraq, and the wipe Israel off the map rumor? All have been debunked by governmental and media sources who, unlike those who repeat the official line, have nothing to gain from their assertations. Read this article I wrote. You’ll see.

  2. Quito says:

    oh Stefan, I see the propaganda every day on the news. Sometimes it feels surreal. Like, I can’t believe that every nation in the world that doesn’t conform to Americas views is considered to be a terrorist state. Turn on the news and thats all you hear.

    You get the dark and dramatic music whenever the story is about the middle east.

    Televised news isn’t a trustworthy and totally unbiased source of news anymore. I mean I don’t expect the news to be unbiased about news all the time because thats impossible. Todays news anchors have to much personality. But my god!

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