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Before I start typing about how happy I am to have a totally cool new blog let me rant a little about my own title.

Why do people on weblogs like Engadget feel the need to post “FIRST!” if they are in fact the first person to comment on a particular article? I mean isn’t obvious that your first if you are the first to post? All posting “FIRST!” does is show how much of a life you don’t have.

<–End Rant–>

Alrighty! So this is my post on WordPress and it feels good. Why exactly? Well, it’s because I feel like this may be first (there’s that word again) blog that I will be consistent with.

I’ve had other blogs but I never updated much. I also never made any real effort to get other people than myself to read it.

That’s all going to change though.

I truly duly plan on making my virtual voice heard. I’m not going to yell but still, you know what I’m trying to type.

And if my plan doesn’t the way I want it to, than well, I have this post to make fun of me and to prove that I’m lazy.


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